Our Technology

A diverified range of adhesives are available for many industries, spanning from Plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber, Cross Laminated Timber, Oriented StrandBoard, Decorative surfaces, Abrasives, Foundry, Insulation, Foam, Filters, Textile felt, Friction, Refractory, Composite materials, MDF, PB to Phenolic Surface Films; many of which are well regarded by our customers for their supreme performance and quality. Where extreme emission is paramount, our AsWood resin can be used for MDF and PB which emits no more formaldehyde than natural wood.

Melamine is known to impart moisture resistance to the Urea Formaldehyde resins. However, the way melamine is incorporated to get the best efficiency out of it is a proprietory art. In Aica, we have developed a full range of resins for the various emission and moisture resistant classes in accordances to JIS, JAS, NZ, AS, CN, EN, ASTM, CARB, etc. Depending on your plant needs, we can vary resin characteristics to give you troublefree runs with high quality and consistency. Some specialised resins are developed to meet requirements that include Fire Retardant MDF, AS/NZ Class 1 Flooring, JIS M-Type, F**** or SE0 MDF/PB/Plywood.

When cost effectiveness is the focus rather than performance, we formulate highly efficient glue without melamine and with minimal additives. This 'Just Enough' resins are made even more efficient in conjunction with our process efficiency, which we take pride of in using modern control instrumentation.